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"The world is filled with violence. Because criminals carry guns, we decent law-abiding citizens should also have guns. Otherwise they will win and the decent people will lose." James Earl Jones
"Arms in the hands of citizens may be used at individual discretion in private self defense." John Adams
"I have a love interest in every one of my films - a gun." Arnold Schwarzenegger
"The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it away" Thomas Jefferson
Sometimes if you want to see a change for the better, you have to take things into your own hands. Clint Eastwood
”Make good scouts of yourselves, become good rifle shots so that if it becomes necessary that you defend your families and your country that you can do it.” Lord Baden-Powell
Americans have the right and advantage of being armed- unlike the citizens of other countries whose governments are afraid to trust the people with arms. James Madison
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The Nation’s First NSSF 5-Star Range


H&H Shooting Range Memberships

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H&H’s Gunsmith Department is a full-service repair and customization center!

We have full service gunsmiths on site who can assist you with repairs and regular maintenance.
All of our gunsmiths are fully trained professionals. We offer same day service on optic installations.



We offer quality products from brands such as:

ArmaLite, Auto Ordnance, Barrett, Beretta, Benelli, Browning, Bushmaster, Bond Arms, Caesar Guerini, Chiappa, Crickett, CVA, CZ, Colt, Cimarron, Christensen Arms, Charter Arms, DPMS, Daniel Defense, Ed Brown, Franchi, FN, Fabarm, Glock, H&K, Henry, H&R, Kahr, Kriss, Kel-Tec, Kimber, LWRC, Magnum Research, Marlin, Mossberg, North American Arms, Nighthawk, New England Arms, NEMO, Para-Ordnance, Remington, Ruger, Rock River, Sako, Savage, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Springfield, STI, Stoeger, Taurus, Thompson Center, Tikka, Taylor & Co, Uberti, Walther, Webley & Scott, Winchester, Wilson, Windham, and Weatherby.

Our inventory is as diverse as the needs of our guests.

We are proud to offer a sizable selection of consignment and used firearms, and also buy and trade used firearms.

If our available goods do not feature the firearm you need, we are more than happy to special order it for you.

Eyeing an expensive gun that might put you over budget? We offer a layaway program to help with those big purchases.

Our inventory is very fluid; it varies week by week!


There is a lot of mystery and misunderstanding around regarding suppressors and short barreled rifles as well as full auto firearms. The common things we hear are, “I thought it was illegal to own a silencer” or “really, you mean anyone can own a full auto?”. The plain and simple fact is yes. If you can pass the background check, then you can own one of these fun and unique devices. The National Firearms Act of 1934 established a simple order of steps anyone of age can go thru to have the joy and excitement of owning a suppressor for their firearm or a rifle with a barrel shorter than 16 inches or a shotgun with a barrel shorter than 18 inches, and yes, even a fully automatic firearm. We do have an inventory of some short barreled rifles and shotguns as well as integrally suppressed Ruger Take Down 10-22 model.  We are set up to do class III transfers as well.  Our range side has rentals available where many of the models can be shot on the range.

The process works as follows:

  1. You come in and meet with one of our knowledgeable staff to pick the device that best suits your needs and purchase it.
  2. You take the Form 4(which we produce for you), the fingerprint cards and passport quality photos to the sheriff’s department in the county you live to get them to sign off on it. (This is not usually a problem for most counties and only takes a day or so)
  3. You then mail the paperwork along with a $200 money order the Bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives, so they can process the paperwork. This usually takes between 9 and 11 months depending on their work load.
  4. Once we receive the forms back, you come in and take possession of your item and you are fee to take them home as they are legally approved to be in your possession.

In our class 3 department we inventory a wide selection of suppressors for most common calibers including: .22LR, 9MM, .40S&W, .45ACP, .300Blackout, .5.56/.223, and .308. We offer several different price points to fit most budgets. We also have the ability to order items if we don’t currently have them in stock. Our normal brands we have are Silencerco, Surefire, AAC, Yankee Hill Machine, Thompson Machine, Tactical Solutions, MAG TAC as well as OSS(by special order)

Please feel free to come by and speak with one of our knowledgeable staff to get you on the right track to enjoying a quieter shooting experience.

Zeke Ernst

Class III Handler


Your knife specialists!

Starting in 2013 the knives of H&H started on a journey. Starting with a small selection, we have grown to over 16 case and 4 rack holding over 2,500 knives. Yet, this is just the beginning! We continue to seek the best brands of quality and budget friendly knives to offer at the lowest possible price. Currently we carry: Benchmade, Spyderco, Kershaw, Zero Tolerance, Cold Steel, Smith & Wesson, Browning, Boker, HK Knives, Case, Ka-Bar, Buck, SOG, and Columbia River Knife & Tool. We carry a wide selection of Arno Bernard knives from South Africa and the Hutton’s Edge law enforcement knife. We are also the exclusive dealer of Bill Kennedy Jr. knives. Bill is Oklahoma’s premier custom knife maker, and a member of the Knife Makers Guild since 1986. Bill’s focus is on precession fits, exceptional heat treating, and beautiful finishes on his fixed blades and folding knives. While we have grown a tremendous amount in a short time, we continue to introduce new brands. Most recently we have added Knives of Alaska and Diamond Edge to our selection of Quality Hunting knives. In the future we will continue to grow. Our goal is to meet all of your knife needs.


You want variety? We got it!

We sell bows, crossbows, sights, broad heads, field training tips, targets of all shapes and sizes (including life-like deer targets), and more to help match the demands of the lives of our archer guests, whether they’re shooting indoors at a tourney or out in the field stalking prey.

We are proud to offer products from Mathews, Mission, Hoyt, Bowtech, PSE, Elite, Ten Point, Barnett, Parker Crossbows. Easton, Gold Tip, Carbon Express, Axcel Sights, Trophy Ridge, TruGlo, Axion, Spott Hogg, HHA, Trophy Taker, QAD, Tru Fire, Truball, Scott!

If we do not have the product you need, we are more than happy to special order it for you.

Purchasing an accessory for your favorite bow? Let our archery team do the hard work and integrate it into your weapon!

Our inventory varies week by week!

Protect your investment with a safe.

We are proud to offer the largest selection of “Made in America” safes in Oklahoma, and provide an excellent selection of the top Safe Manufacturers: Browning, American Security, Liberty, and Winchester.

Our show room floor has about 75 safes ranging from 5 cu ft to 50 cu ft on display!

Size availability is limited to safe series.

If we do not have the safe you need, we are more than happy to special order it for you.

Worried about how to get your new safe home?
Our Professional safe delivery team is there to help you out.

We offer 4 different types of deliveries

Self Pick-Up (You take it home with you)

In-Home on ground floor (a Few steps is okay depending on the safe size)

In-Garage Delivery (Bring it in and we put it where you want it)

Drop Ship (This is where we bring it to your home or office and leave it boxed, and on the pallet we only take these into garages and you do the rest!)

For $40.00 we will bolt your safe down to your concrete!

Safe Delivery starts at just $100 and up (depending on size and location)

Live out side the metro? We got you coved we deliver to all over the place including Texas, and Kanas! (Out of Metro Fee will be applied)



Learn A Skill. Save Money. Recycle.

Reloading is the process of reusing old casings to create new cartridges. The other 3 components (the bullet, the gunpowder, and primer) are exhausted during a shot and must be replaced. We offer reloading classes and sell reloading equipment and will gladly otherwise assist you in any way we can to ensure that your reloading experience is safe, easy, and an economical solution for your ammunition needs.

Many people reload their ammunition in an effort to save money, recycle, resupply during times when ammunition is scarce, and also to create ammunition custom-tailored for specific purposes such as varmint hunting. If you have any questions concerning reloading, feel free to call our Reloading Team at
(405) 947-3888 Ext 137.


We Have Accessories For Any Shooting Sports-Related Need You May Have!

We have a full line of ammunition, bow and firearm bags, black powder accessories, books, clothing by Browning and other name brands, eyewear, ear protection, archery and firearm cases, firearm cleaning and maintenance kits, grips, locks, safes, holsters by Looper Leather, knives, lighting products, clips, magazines, recoil protection, reloading presses, scopes, sights, self defense products, sharpeners, targets, tactical gear, Class III Gear, and much more available for purchase.


H&H Is Your Top Local Law Enforcement Resource

H&H is honored to have active-duty military and law enforcement personnel shoot on our ranges. It’s thanks to the sacrifice of these great service people that we are able to enjoy the freedom of this great nation.

H&H offers Law Enforcement discounts on select firearms. All that is necessary to qualify is a valid commission card and drivers license.

We are proud to work with local law enforcement agencies by providing the necessary firepower and accessories to let the good guys do their job.

Need a quote or information on a prospective order?

Use our printable Quote Request Form. Please allow 3 to 5 business days for quotes to be processed.


Gun Safety Is Everyone’s Responsibility.
Gun ownership carries with it the responsibility of knowing how to use and maintain it. Accidents with firearms don’t “just happen;” they happen because circumstances make them possible. The major causes of firearm accidents are IGNORANCE and CARELESSNESS. Ignorance is the lack of knowledge. One can obtain knowledge by learning how your guns and ammunition operates and how to handle them. Learn proper marksmanship skills through education and practice. Carelessness is neglecting to apply the gun safety rules. Apply the elements of gun safety by having a positive attitude. Remember to keep guns pointed in a safe direction and keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot. As a responsible person, you can make sure that your firearms is always handling safely, and hence without accidents.


Our Conceal Carry Class is NOT a Beginners’ Class.
H&H recommends taking a Private Lesson for those unfamiliar with firearms.


We have partnered up with a great outfit called “Oklahoma Shooting Skills” that will
help you become an advanced shooter.

One-On-One Lessons Are Available!
Need one on one lessons? H&H is the place for you. We offer Private Lessons at a time that is convenient for you. Our trained staff will walk you through the step by step process of gun ownership, how to operate a gun, and proper gun safety.


How The Get The Most Bang For Your BuckWe offer three great classes that will get you prepared and proficient in the reloading process.

Class-I     Class-II     Class-III






For information on classes, events, guest speakers, or maybe a new product event, click below to see a full event calendar.



about us

“H&H Shooting Sports is a community, educational and retail facility for developing and promoting the sport of shooting, and it’s to THE PEOPLE OF OKLAHOMA we dedicate our business”


400 S Vermont Ave, Suite 110 • Located off I-40 & Meridian • Oklahoma City, Ok 73108-1034
400 S Vermont Ave, Suite 110 Oklahoma City, Ok 73108-1034
Phone: (405) 947-3888 • Fax: (405) 947-4117ContactUs@HHShootingSports.com
Monday - Saturday: 9 A.M. - 9 P.M. Sunday 9 A.M. - 6 P.M.
Closed: Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas

Interested In Joining Our Team?

We are currently looking for qualified, knowledgeable, and friendly persons to fill the following positions:

Job Descriptions Available Here


Gunsmith, Cafe, Range Safety Officer, Range Counter, Brass Sorter, Inventory Clerk & Accessories Team Member. 

Click here for our printable application or stop by our store and pick one up at any of our retail service counters!

How Are We Doing?


We sincerely hope you have found your visit to our Shooting Sports enjoyable! Please take a moment to fill out this survey to help us evaluate and improve our service.

 Get Started Here

H&H Helping Hands Donations

Helping Hands Donation Policy


We are deeply honored to help our fellow community organizations the best we can though our “Helping Hands” committee. The sheer volume of requests (over 1000 annually) has encouraged us to set a procedure to handle it productively and to make the submission process as easy as possible for you.

To assist in determining the organizations that will be considered for support, all requests for funds must be supported by a formal written request that includes a brief mission statement of the organization, its leadership, and the purpose of the funds requested.


Requests given preferential consideration meet the following criteria:

Are tax exempt, IRS section 501(c)(3)*
Creates a positive exposure for H & H Shooting Sports Complex
Promotes and/or Advances Shooting Sports
Ability to reach targeted audiences and build relationships
Potential for long-term, sustainable partnership or relationship
Opportunity to create long-term value


H&H will NOT provide funding for the following types of requests:

Donations for the purpose of an individual without organizational group support
Solicitations received that discriminate on the basis of age, race, gender, sexual orientation or national origin.
Organizations that spend more than 25% of their budget on overhead and fundraising.

*Public educational institutions are not required to show proof of 501(c)(3) status

The committee meets the 1st Wednesday of each month. If your request is approved, it will generally takes up to two weeks to process. Since our budgeting occurs yearly, we may or may not have funding in our discretionary budget to assist you this year. We will notify you once the “Helping Hands” committee has made its decision.


Again, we are honored to be asked and thank you for working with us to help you and your organization through our “Helping Hands” committee.


Please send all correspondence and donation requests to HelpingHands@HHShootingSports.com,
or save time by printing off our convenient Helping Hands Donation Request Form!

Helping Hands Donation Policy


Mail or fax completed forms to:

H&H Shooting Sports
400 S Vermont Avenue, Suite 110
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73108-1034
(405) 947-4117

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Connect with H&H Shooting Sports and let your voice be heard. Here at the H&H we see social media as a way for us to help people grow their involvement in the Shooting Sports every day. Find H&H on a variety of social media channels to follow, friend, fan, subscribe to and join to share what’s on your mind.


 Explore H&H’s social media channels by network icon above. Don’t be afraid to talk back, we love to hear what our guests have to say about us and all of the things happening in the Shooting Sports.